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Friday, 10 August 2012

How To Have Anal Sex - Step 2

In this, the second blog on how to have anal sex, we are moving from the digital age of a finger up the asshole to using toys.

Look at that photo above... doesn't that look like fun? You bet her sweet ass it does.

The point of Step 1 and this, Step 2, is to prepare the woman to better prepare herself... to allow her to slowly and enjoyably get used to having something going INTO her asshole. For data on the first step, please check out STEP 1.

AND, women... here's the thing... even if your man has a two-inch cock or a 12-inch cock, if he's not running in the Kentucky Derby, size is unimportant... because your asshole is far deeper than your vagina... and can indeed be slowly stretched to take a long dick, a thick dick, or a happy combination of both. You really should read Part 1 first though. Really. Call it preventative medicine. 

All Mister Manfred Mann can say is that he's driven up the Hershey Highway more times than the I-90, and has definitely had fewer complaints... make that zero complaints. He must be doing something correctly. 

Now, since everyone has read Part 1 (Mister Manfred Mann is not kidding here - read it and do it!), let's take a look at anal toys and how using them will help stretch her asshole so that one day soon she can take that cock of yours up her ass!

Anal Toys

This may sound ridiculous, and if it does, you have already failed. But, sex toys can help you and your woman learn the limits of the asshole.

Welcome to Toy Story, or how to best prepare your woman's ass to have anal sex for the first time.

This is Part 2. Part 1 can be found HERE, and you should read that first before plunging head-first into a shit-hole of misunderstanding. Trust Mister Manfred Mann. I've said it many times already. Failure to listen could cause your woman to experience an unpleasant pain (there is pleasant pain - d'uh!) and cause that bung hole to be for exit only. You are warned!
Anal sex toys - hell, sex toys in general - are used for masturbation purposes, as well as for intercourse, and as something to utilize while you are performing intercourse. It's seems like a redundancy, but intercourse can be achieved by a woman using a strap-on on you, dear fellow. And that's just one example. As well, when you are fucking your woman - whether anally or vaginally or orally, a dildo, for example, could be in another hole. We're just saying, is all. 

Toys can be used to help the woman get acclimatized to having something up her poop chute - something smaller and less violent than your cock, at any rate... and hopefully, once she appreciates the great feeling of anal toys, she will be more open (pun intended) to trying your cock up her Hershey Highway.

And remember - the asshole does not create its own lubrication, so please add your own. That's not an option. You must use lubrication. 

Butt Plugs

Also known as an anal plug, the butt plug comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Mister Manfred Mann is unsure if color actually makes a difference in one's pleasure, but to each his or her own. 

Typically, the butt plug is bulb-shaped atop a thin neck and a flared base. The bulb presents the anal stimulation and it helps it stay inside... the thinner neck is to allow the anus to close in on the bulbous part for better stimulation and the flared base is so the whole kit-and-caboodle doesn't fall into the asshole so you don't have to go to the emergency room at the hospital.

Mister Manfred Mann knows a few women who have had a butt plug inserted for hours... and with every physical movement, she stimulates her own inner workings of her asshole. Wow! 

Anal Beads

A favorite of Mister Manfred Mann... er... to use on his women. Think of anal beads as a strand of pearls... only slightly larger... as each anal bead is inserted, the sphincter muscles contract around the individual bead. Now, when the beads - which have been slowly and lovingly placed within the rectum, it's time to pull them out - s-l-o-w-l-y... You, dear man, can pull the string to draw out each anal bead slowly... slowly causing a bead to pop out of her asshole... which can help enhance your woman's orgasm. Of course, if you the woman are embarrassed by your new found sexuality, practice by yourself and pull'em out... it's easy and it's hot. And, Mister Manfred Mann bets you enjoyed it!

Anal Dildos

Like a regular dildo, an anal dildo has no vibratory action (that's a vibrator) and relies on the manual movement of the dildo to help gain the feeling of fulfillment.

Anal dildos are thin - okay not all of them are, but since you are starting out, Mister Manfred Mann recommends a thin anal dildo. They are generally smooth and easy to thrust - like a finger or a cock. In fact, for this type of a device, find an anal dildo larger than the finger you used to get you introduced to anal penetration, but NOT one larger than the cock that will soon be cracking the crack. 

As mentioned before - lubrication, lubrication, lubrication. This is, after all, new real estate here. 

Gently insert the anal dildo (or anal beads or butt plug or finger or tongue, etc.) into the anus... just the tip... and slowly work it back and forth. At no time should it be removed from the anus and placed back in... that will come with practice, and since we're at the beginner level here... place the tip in and move it slowly back and forth... if there is little to no discomfort, slide it in a little further....  squirt in more lubrication... and continue to slowly move it back and forth (not all the way out, remember!).

You can continue this practice session until your woman has had enough for the day, but hopefully you have at least got an inch or two of the anal dildo into her ass without causing pain.

Mister Manfred Mann suggests you continue to do this as often as you both dare until her anus is able to take most of the dildo inside. Not too deep! You don't want to lose it! Just kidding. No... seriously. Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Oh, and a word of advice. When it comes to anal toys - they should remain anal toys and should not be interchanged with vaginal toys. It's like cutting boards. It's why they come in different colors - one for vegetables, one for pork, one for chicken and one for the beef. It's just a safe way to ensure no one picks up any sexually transmitted diseases. We are talking about the shit hole, after all. 

After some practice with an anal toy, rather than the old in and out, move it slowly side to side and around and around. 'Slowly' is the key word there.

Guys... if you jam it in too hard and too fast and too deep, it could mean the end of her willing to experiment anally - at least with you.

Truthfully, Mister Manfred Mann can not even begin to tell you how often the woman he has screwed anally has admitted that she has tried it at least once previously but that it hurt. It takes patience, relaxation, lubrication and above all - trust. It also helps if you know what you are doing.

When Mister Manfred Mann first performed anal sex on a woman he freely admits he was inexperienced and wished he had a blog like this to explains the ins and outs of anal intrusion. He was fortunate, however, that the woman he first fucked up the ass didn't mind a little pain and got off on it. Maybe you will be that lucky, too. But if not... you must be a patient and gentle lover.

Cumming soon!
Come back soon for Part 3 - when it's time to drive your cock up the Hershey Highway with two tickets to Paradise. Okay, that was stupid. Part 3 will help you have anal sex with you and your cock being the star attraction. Okay... her ass is the star attraction, but you know what Mister Manfred Mann means.  


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